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Custom Home Theaters

At The SuperStore we believe that your home theater should be your masterpiece, that's why we offer custom home theaters. You can work with our team of extremely knowledgeable home theater experts to build the home theater of your dreams. When working with our staff you have years of experience, knowledge, tips and tricks at your disposal, unlike the "help" you would get at Best Buy, or Costco. At The SuperStore we sell top quality products from top manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Pioneer, LG, Bose, Klipsch and more, so your home theater will have great performance. Whatever questions you have about building your home theater we have your covered.


Looking for a thin TV? Look no further. We have all types - HDTV, DLP, LCD and Plasma. Our professional consultants will explain all the latest display technologies to help you decide which is right for you.


We carry a wide assortment of audio equipment designed to accurately reproduce movie soundtracks. From the quite rustle of leaves on a crisp autumn morning, to the explosion of space station in a science fiction movie, we can make your room come alive with sound. And that great sound isn't limited to movies; many musicians now record their music in surround sound.

Speakers and Decorating

Our loudspeakers come in all sized for all applications. We can blend the speakers into your decor, or even make them invisible, without sacrificing sonic performance.

Media Players

DVD players, Blu-Ray players, CD players, Media Servers - you have many choices when it comes to the playback of source material. We'll explain the differences in products and features, and help you make the right choice.

Theater Seating

We have theater seats that are so comfortable that once you sit down you won't want to get up. Available in a variety of shapes and materials, we have seating to fit everyone's taste. A wide selection of leather and fabric allows us to customize chairs for every budget.

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